Add an SMS sending script


Admins must provide a working SMS sending script before enabling the SMS One-Time Passcode authentication method.

To add and test an SMS sending script, go to Settings > Secure Mail 2024 > SMS Script.

Add and test an SMS sending script

  1. Click Edit to activate the script field.

  2. Enter your script into the script field.

  3. Save the script by selecting Save changes.

  4. Enter a phone number and a test message.

  5. Send the test message by selecting Send test message.

  6. Ensure the given phone number receives the test message.

The current version of Secure Mail 2024 supports shell scripts for SMS sending. For more information, please contact the service provider.

Reset SMS sending script

To clear the SMS sending script field, click on Reset configs.

Reset action is not allowed if SMS One-Time Passcode is enabled as an authentication method.

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