How to send mails securely


Secure Mail allows you to safely send messages to any email address. The recipients will receive a link in their email address which allows them to access the message securely.

Send a secure mail using Secure Mail application

Editor and Doctave Desktop App

  1. This is the email address from which you send your message. To send a message from another email address, sign out and log in with that email address.

  2. Enter the recipient of your message.

    To send a copy of your message to another recipient, click on CC and enter the other recipient into the CC field.

    To send a copy of your message to a hidden recipient, click on BCC and enter the hidden recipient into the BCC field.

    If there are multiple recipients, use the space key to separate the email addresses.

  3. Enter the subject of your message.

  4. Enter your message.

  5. Attach files, if necessary.

  6. To define how your recipients authenticate to access your message, select Security Settings. Click to open the drop-down menus next to the recipients. Select a suitable authentication method for each recipient.

    You can choose from the following three methods.

  • Cookie: This is the default authentication method. A cookie is stored in the recipient's browser. The recipient must open the message using the same device and browser that they used to access the message for the first time. They cannot access the message using any other browser, or if they clear the cookies from the browser that they used to access the message for the first time.

  • Email OTP: The recipient accesses the message with a one-time password that is sent to their email address.

  • Password: The recipient uses a password to access the message.

    After you defined the authentication method for each recipient, select Save. Editor and Doctave Desktop App

  1. To send the message, select Send Message.
  2. To discard the message, select Discard.

I can't send a secure mail. Why?

Your Secure Mail administrator might have restricted the email addresses that you can send secure mails to. For more information, contact your administrator.

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